About Us

Auditime Quality Management (AQM) is one of India’s leading domain specialist software testing lab. Having helped enterprises of scale take bug-free systems online, AQM’s pride is being able to deliver Quality Testing Within Timelines.

About Us

AQM expertise brings technology and functionality that helps in reducing time taken from development to deployment.

  • AQM has a team strength of 400 certified testers.
  • AQM is India’s first independent testing lab adopting ISO 17025
  • AQM is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified
  • AQM’s has the following testing models
    • Agile development environment,
    • DevOps environment,
    • Incremental development environment,
    • Traditional waterfall environment
  • AQM services clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Banks, Insurance, Financial Services & E-Governance domain.
  • AQM has a 95% of customer retention ratio & 75% business comes from repeat purchases by satisfied customers.

What we do at AQM

AQM helps client organizations in removing bugs from systems before moving the systems into production use. AQM assistance helps achieve “Go To Market” without compromising on timelines.

  • AQM solutions reduce cost of corrections at an early stage of the system’s life cycle.
  • AQM solutions ensure functionality is secure and enhances revenue potential of organizations by providing hassle free seamless systems for end users.
  • AQM solutions increase the productivity of testing by up to 300% by automating the testing processes and optimising the execution functionality.

Why AQM?

AQM brings a wide array of domain specialists and experts having decades of industry knowledge. AQM has the experience and reputation to handle large projects with quality driven outlook.

Capable to custom tailor testing needs as per client requirements and specifications. AQM is up to date with the best practices of the industry ranging across a wide offering of ready-to-test case libraries to achieve an accelerated start.

AQM uses a mix model with off-site as well as on-site models. AQM automated testing solutions are optimised to save time in test case preparatory phase.

  • Shorter lead time for scale up with the help of trained bench
  • Prompt servicing with a hands on management team and faster escalations to queries or concerns.



Landline :
022 4050 8200


Monday - Saturday


Raheja Plaza, 4th Floor, A wing L B S Road, Opp. R City Mall, Ghatkopar (West) 400 086