24*7 Security Operation Centre

Get protection against information security threats using our state of the art solution for continuous security monitoring.

24*7 Security Operation Center

With a move towards digitalization, there are more and more information security threats to every organization. Attackers attack faster than victims can respond. AQM’s 24x7 Security Operation Center combines threat intelligence, active security monitoring and advanced analytics to protect your information assets.

The growing security threats can interrupt business operations, leak confidential information and also result in massive data and revenue loss. You need adequate and proportionate security controls that protect your information assets from Cyber criminals, Hacktivists and Nation-state Cyber attacks. With real time monitoring, AQM’s focussed security testing approach helps you prevent application vulnerability, strengthen the security environment and protect your Information assets

Scalability SLA for AQM’s state-of-the-art on premise SOC offers

  • Scalability of up to 400 crowd-sourced actual users for user experience and user interface testing in 24 hours
  • Scalability of up to 150 different handsets within 4 hours
  • Turnaround time of 3 to 4 days for new handset addition in testable condition

AQM’s state-of-the-art on premise solution offers 24x7 protection against

  • Phishing – Widespread email – lots of victims
  • Spearphishing – Targeted email aimed at a few victims
  • Drive by Download– the unintentional download of malicious software, typically from an infected reputable site
  • Compromised Vendors – any remote access is high prize target
  • Malicious Mobile Apps – Free or fake mobile apps
  • IT Supply Chain – compromise integrators / distributors
  • IT Patch Management Systems – broad distribution of code



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