User Acceptance Testing of software is conducted at various stages of a software life cycle. It is part of quality assurance process of software development


Absence of functionality, faulty executions due to software malfunctioning and difficult execution steps often lead to system rejection by users. Hence, User Acceptance Testing becomes important to determine how the software will interface before the application is actually implemented. AQM offers acceptance test packs for system developers to reduce these gaps in requirements. It’s a vital part of the software development cycle as it lets you know that you’ve built the right thing and it’s what customers really need. AQM’s User Acceptance Testing solutions fulfil your business requirements along with the assurance of testing being performed at industry standards.

User Application Testing is of vital importance for successful implementation of any application. Unfortunately it gets cut short due to priority over operations users’ time. Overcome such priority hassles with AQM’s independent User Acceptance Testing solution and domain specific jump start testing kits. It substitutes operation users to conduct User Acceptance Testing during development of either a new software, acquisition of an off-the shelf software, change management processes, regression testing, etc. and have resulted in business users’ time savings of up to 95%

You can promote business critical systems to production environments with the confidence that requirements have been delivered and that your software fulfils your business needs.

AQM User Acceptance Testing services report on the following parameters:

  • Does the software meet the intended business and processing requirements?
  • Does the system have inbuilt validations to control the processing of transactions?
  • How accurate is the data processing?
  • How does the software handle errors and negative data?



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