About The Innovations

We at AQM pride at is ensuring that we bring increasing value to all our customers, given that commitment over 95% of our customers retain us for their testing needs

Some of the frameworks that we have created are extremely unique and increases productivity of the customers by up to 300%, while the others eliminate the need to have technical resources to automate their testing suite

Given below are some of the innovations at AQM


  • Ready Analytics on Test Case execution¬†
  • Automated Assignment of Bugs to develops
  • Automated Duplicate Test case identifier
  • 300% improvement on productivity


  • Facilitates testing multiple devices at one go
  • Realtime detection of Defects
  • Supports multiple Android & iOS versions
  • Works across Native, Hybrid and Web Apps
  • Reduces Cost & efforts on mobile testing

Scriptless Automation for Mobile

  • Automate your mobile testing
  • “Generate Script once and Test Multiple times”
  • Auto Script Generation
  • Auto population of data for end-to-end automation

Synthetic Monitoring

  • Real time performance monitoring of Mobile Apps
  • Allows FineTuning of performance in real time
  • Completely Parametrizable ( Choose 1. Monitoring frequency, pages to be monitored etc.)
  • Provision for auto-reporting of performance issues in realtime