Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is the practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible.
Ensuring that digital content and applications are accessible to and can be used by people with disabilities.

The AQM advantage

  • We provide the speed and economy advantage of automated testing along with the thoroughness of manual testing. 
  • We have users with various disabilities that are part of the team, ensuring that your product not only meets the guidelines but is also user friendly. 
  • We work with some of the most renowned NGOs in the disability sector, ensuring that we are always in touch with the real end users.
  • We are STQC certified by the Government of India for testing for accessibility. Some of the reference standards  of STQC accessibility certifications are:

     ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119(1-3):2013,(4):2015
     GIGW 2018
     WCAG 2.0 / 2.1 (A & AA)

  • Accessibility requires invasive technologies to interpret content and functionalities for the user. It is important to balance this against other features of your application like security and vulnerability. AQM provides testing across the whole spectrum of quality, thus allowing a balanced solution across all parameters.


Accessibility analysis – We do a quick test of your website against basic accessibility parameters and provide a top level report that gives you and idea of where you stand in your accessibility journey. 

Detailed accessibility testing – A detailed test of your Website or mobile app that takes into account every aspect of accessibility and gives you a detailed report with actionable points to make your solution fully accessible. 

Accessibility compliance testing: We do compliance testing for all the major guidelines for India, Europe and US. Some of the major guidelines against which we confirm compliance are:

International Accessibility guidelines 
W3C – WCAG 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 levels A, AA, AAA
Equality Act 2010 – UK
EN 301 549 – European Union (EU) standard pertaining to digital accessibility.
Section 508 – US Rehabilitation Act of 1973
ADA – The Americans with Disabilities Act
Accessibility in India – guidelines and Laws
Rights of Persons with Disability act 2016 –
Indian Accessibility Standards -Accessibility for the ICT Products and Services (IS 17802)
IS 17802 (Part 1): 2021
IS 17802 (Part 2): 2022
GIGW – (Refers to WCAG standards) 

Technical consultation – We provide technical expertise to help you make your Website or mobile App accessible. We have technical accessibility experts across various major coding languages to guide you in your development. We provide accessibility consultancy from design to deployment.

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