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Capital Market Automation

Financial Services Case Study

India’s Leading and 1st Stock Exchange to provide fully automated electronic trading system. More than 2 decades of presence and market capitalisation of more than 2.3 trillion USD, 2nd largest in the world by number of trades in equity shares.


Requirement of platform migration from legacy to new platforms of all 17 trading segments with testing required for multiple platforms. (Web, Mobile, Desktop)


  • Major Challenge to Migrate all 17 Trading segments into new platforms.
  • Business Continuity during migration.
  • Short Schedule for impact verification during go live.
  • Ensuring bug free migration in each phase.


  • AQM created regression suite and frameworks with high efficiency .
  • Experts deployed on project with 1 lead and 12 Senior and junior level testers.
  • Provided suggestions on testing processes across branches pan India.
  • 40,000 Automation cases successfully tested with 24 hours of execution effort .
  • With the efforts in 90-man months completion of Automation processes.

Tools Used: Selenium and Appium as Automation Testing Tool, JIRA for Bug tracking and TestLink for Test Management Tool


  • Successful migration of all trading segments and data on new platforms.
  • Regression testing suite saved 75% of time and 45% of Manpower Reduction.
  • Major release made as per original plan with assurance on stable and live segments.
  • Continuous regression execution & defect reporting.
  • Multi-platform assurance through integrated regression suite.