AQM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been testing software of financial market since last 19 years. Huge pile of bugs or defects detected over these years. In terms of measurement AQM Technologies has prevented on an average 3 bugs per day from leaking them into production environment. While going through the pile and analyzing the same, I thought of sharing few critical bugs which may have financial or operational impact on organization’s functioning. The list is shorted out of capital market related software; hence those who are involved with operations of broking firm, NBFC or investment banking may use this as sample checklist. Those who are not from capital market segment may use this as knowledge sharing exercise.

  • Pledged shares are available as free balance for trading
  • Double posting of single transaction
  • Double impact of corporate actions
  • Client is charged extra interest / brokerage
  • Client is not charged interest / brokerage at all
  • Wrong grouping and clubbing of stock / balances
  • Incorrect margin calls generated
  • Reports are not in sync
  • Upload program does not upload all records

If you like my observations and agree with it, please share your feedback on my regular id My next write up is on “How much is too much?” dealing with what is adequate testing and how much one should test so that you get maximum defect prevention with optimum testing and minimum risk of leakage.

Author is Director at AQM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and Chartered Accountant and Certified Information System Auditor with 20 years of experience in testing / auditing financial software applications. AQM Technologies is software quality management specialist with 19 years of experience in capital market, banking, insurance and logistic industry. Any further interest or inquiry can be routed to or