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Banking Mobile Apps

Banking Case Study

The Client is listedintop 3 private sector banks in Indiawith over 18Billion USD market capitalizationand a strong presence from more than twodecades. Offering of Services in retail, corporate and International Banking along withdigital banking solutions.


A multiple channel application required to be of testedon Weband mobile based platforms which tends to perform different requirement at user level. Application for Scope of testing were customer mobile application, customer acquisition portal and customerloginportal.

A prepaid model open loop card(offline and Online transactions)issued to customer for shopping and travellingpurpose in buses and metros.


  • Deadline for go live date of applications with release on app store was one of the main challenges.
  • A European developed application was difficult to understand by the client team with unclear documentation of requirements.
  • Data mapping and reconciliation of transaction between two module was difficult.


  • Priority model-based testing with proper UAT and CUG testing well before go live date.
  • Suggestion on the modules to choose and its benefits with proper knowledge transfer.
  • Quick test cases preparation with minimum duration for execution as domain experts were deployed.

Tools Used: JIRA for Bug tracking and TestLink for Test Management tool


  • 50% Less efforts while testing as test case depositary resulting in bringing down time and cost.
  • Bug free release as per expectation, before Go live date resulting in customer satisfaction.
  • Full 100% test coverage ensured.